Dental care furr cats

Hello there, Hank again! I’m glad to see that you’ve all stuck around to read all of these blogs, it’s my turn again to talk to you all about a new subject! I’ve been super busy manning down the fort and keeping the counter in the treatment area warm. It’s been really nice and relaxing [...]

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Santa Claws is coming!

Hi-ya, I’m Gus. I’ve been here at Twin Maples for 11 years! I was dropped off here as a stray in January of 2008 and I was so cutie, they decided to keep me as a house cat! My hobbies include swatting the humans here randomly whenever they walk by me.. Ya know, to keep [...]

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Thanksgiving Weight

Hey everyone, Thresh here! My brother Finnick wrote a blog last month about Halloween, so you might remember my story a little bit. I have been here at Twin Maples for 4 years and my brother and I were dropped off with two other siblings by the back door! No need to worry though, we [...]

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Hello all, my name is Finnick (Finnick Benjamin Maples, to be exact). I have been here at Twin Maples for almost 4 years now. Now unlike Hank, I wasn’t brought here by a lovely employee. Although we were kittens, my brother Thresh and I, along with two other siblings were dropped off here at Twin [...]

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Living at Twin Maples?

Living here at Twin Maples? It’s basically my kingdom. I would like to think that I make all of the rules here because people cater to me all day long. I’m puuurrrrtty old though, 17 to be exact. My brother Dave and I were brought here by an employee one day when were kittens. We [...]

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