Why you should own a cat

The last time we talked, it was four months ago… ridiculous, right? I got to talk to you guys about the best gifts to get us feline’sfurr Christmas and reminded you of the ones you shouldn’t get us. I hope Santa came to visit your kitties at home, because he came to visit us here [...]

Pesky fleas!

Pesky fleas!Hank again, I know you have all missed me! I’ve been hanging out with the staff here at Twin Maples, making them cater to my every need ;)... ya know, typical day in the life of Hank Maples! I’m going to talk to you all about something that EVERYONE hates dealing with, and that’s [...]

Puddles of Problems—Feline Inappropriate Urination

If you have ever tried to convey a message across a barrier—whether language, distance, or a glass wall—you know the experience can be frustrating. We may try anything to be understood—exaggerated gestures, raising our voices—and raise more than a few eyebrows from those around us. Twin Maples Veterinary Hospital wants you to consider this analogy when [...]

Is My Cat Weird? Reasons for Your Cat’s Unusual Behaviors

Cats do all sorts of weird things, leaving their owners completely confused about their antics. Most of the time, your cat is simply being a cat, but they can occasionally be displaying signs of an underlying problem, such as inappropriate elimination or excessive hunger, that requires treatment. To help you determine if your cat is [...]

Why is My Cat Doing That? Normal Feline Behaviors, Explained

Contrary to popular belief, cats are not small dogs—and their behaviors speak for themselves. While most of us come to appreciate our feline friends’ curious behaviors, we may not always understand why they occur. But, by recognizing the reason for your cat’s conduct, you can gain insight into your beloved pet’s inner workings, allowing you [...]

At-Home Care to Keep Your Cat’s Mouth Healthy

You have a special relationship with your cat, Max. Many of your friends’ cats are aloof, requiring only food and a minute of attention from their human, and alone time for the rest of the day. Not Max. You and Max have been together for three wonderful years. You were on your way home from [...]

Goodbye Hank

Hank Maples This month all of us house cats wanted to write a blog together in honor of Hank. If you hadn’t already heard, we lost the king of Twin Maples recently. Hank had been at Twin Maples fur so many years and we had the greatest privilege of living here with him. It was [...]

Top 5 Ways to Make Your Cat Happy and Healthy

Although cats seem to require little more than love, food, and shelter, keeping a feline feeling fine requires more. Jane Brunt, DVM, executive director of the CATalyst Council, says the key to keeping cats healthy is keeping them happy. But, many cats don’t get the regular veterinary care they need and deserve. According to the American Pet [...]

Combo test?

Last time we talked, I talked about something pretty important, and that was Thanksgiving weight! Everyone here must think I’m really smart because I’m here today to talk about another important subject and that is combo testing! I’ll introduce myself again in case you’ve furrgotten, but I am Thresh! I enjoy large doses of catnip, [...]

Stressful visits

It’s your favorite Twin Maples feline again, Finnick Benjamin. I am here to blog about something that all of your felines wish they could tell you… vet visits are terrifying!! They get super stressed when they have to leave the house; it isn’t normal furr them. I have seen many felines come into Twin Maples [...]

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