Santa Claws is coming!

Hi-ya, I’m Gus. I’ve been here at Twin Maples for 11 years! I was dropped off here as a stray in January of 2008 and I was so cutie, they decided to keep me as a house cat! My hobbies include swatting the humans here randomly whenever they walk by me.. Ya know, to keep [...]

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Thanksgiving Weight

Hey everyone, Thresh here! My brother Finnick wrote a blog last month about Halloween, so you might remember my story a little bit. I have been here at Twin Maples for 4 years and my brother and I were dropped off with two other siblings by the back door! No need to worry though, we [...]

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Hello all, my name is Finnick (Finnick Benjamin Maples, to be exact). I have been here at Twin Maples for almost 4 years now. Now unlike Hank, I wasn’t brought here by a lovely employee. Although we were kittens, my brother Thresh and I, along with two other siblings were dropped off here at Twin [...]

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Living at Twin Maples?

Living here at Twin Maples? It’s basically my kingdom. I would like to think that I make all of the rules here because people cater to me all day long. I’m puuurrrrtty old though, 17 to be exact. My brother Dave and I were brought here by an employee one day when were kittens. We [...]

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