Meet Our Family


Meet Our Family


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Craig Clouse

DVM, Medical Director

I believe I was destined to become a veterinarian. I was raised on a small family farm in northern Ohio, and some of my earliest memories involve our dogs, cats, cattle, ponies, and horses. I learned very early the love that dogs give to you freely and the affection that you must earn from cats. I also learned the heartbreak of losing a beloved pet far too early. I vividly remember watching our farm cats hunt their “big game” in our barn with no less intensity than their bigger cousins.

I fondly remember riding our ponies bareback when we were too small to saddle them and then riding our horses when we were older. I learned that though you become attached to the farm animals, they will eventually leave you to serve humans as food when they grow up. I have known for some time the blessing it was to have grown up on my parents’ farm. It taught me the value of hard work and the love of animals. It taught me very early that there were doctors just for animals, and that these talented doctors earned the grudging trust of the farmers.

When I left home, it was to attend the Ohio State University. (Go Bucks!). My mother would have preferred that I had studied human medicine, but it was veterinary medicine for me. Though high school was not difficult for me, I found that everyone who stood a chance to enter the highly competitive veterinary college was very bright. I had to study very hard to earn a spot in my veterinary class, and the people I attended class with are some of the smartest people I have ever met. I also met and married my wife, Pamela, at Ohio State. I would never have been where I am today without her unfailing support.

I have had the privilege of living with many wonderful pets over the years, including our current Dobermans, Rommel and Elke, and our Standard Poodle Moose. Rommie is the athletic boy – you can see him doing agility work on our Facebook page videos, Elke is just getting started.

My first job as a veterinarian was in a 5 doctor, AAHA accredited practice in Hammond, Indiana, where I began to learn the art of veterinary practice, under the mentoring of 2 excellent and patient veterinarians. I joined Dr. Snead at Twin Maples Veterinary Hospital in South Dayton in 1982, became a co-owner of the practice in 1984, and became the sole owner in 2011. Helping our hospital grow into the wonderful practice it is today has been my fulfilling life’s work. At Twin Maples, we have gathered some of the most dedicated, caring, talented staff that you will find anywhere. Their dedication to patient and client service is heartwarming.

Over the years, I have developed a special interest in veterinary surgery and particularly, orthopedic surgery. I have attended many continuing education courses in this area, and in 2003 became certified to perform TPLO surgery to repair knee injuries in our patients. I also have a special interest in veterinary endoscopy, laser surgery, and really just about anything high tech in veterinary medicine. It is amazing how our profession has progressed in my 35 plus years as a veterinarian!

All of us at Twin Maples will continue to strive to offer our clients the wonder that veterinary medicine has become, while never forgetting that attached to every leash and carrier is a caring owner that deserves our most compassionate service.

Kim Burkhardt


Some people search their whole lives to find a career that they love or a job that makes them happy but I am not one of those people. I truly feel that I was born to be a veterinarian and thank God and my family every day for helping me fulfill my destiny. I could never imagine a day without animals or my life without such a rewarding career.

I was born in Buffalo, NY, home of Buffalo wings and blizzards but my father was transferred to Saginaw, MI when I was 10. We had one family dog when I was growing up, a Cairn Terrier named Muffin. She had many illnesses throughout the years, including parvovirus and pancreatitis and we spent a lot of time in the vet’s office. My dad was the first person to say that I should be a veterinarian because it always seemed that I cared more about animals than people.

I went to the University of Dayton for my undergraduate degree in Biology and it was during my sophomore year at UD that I decided to become a veterinarian. I worked for a local vet clinic, where I realized that I was really happy spending my days with animals and their families. The following summer, I fostered 5 Labrador Retriever puppies from 5 days old until 6 weeks old and learned what it was like to be a vet and a mom at the same time. I kept one of those puppies and she just passed away last summer at the age of 10. Putting her to sleep was one of the hardest things I ever had to do as her mother and her veterinarian.

I was accepted to Michigan State University’s College of Veterinary Medicine in 1996 and graduated with my DVM degree in 2000. Veterinary school was extremely difficult and exhausting but it showed me how dedicated you needed to be for this career. I spent many nights and weekends buried in books or caring for sick animals at the clinic. I moved back to Dayton after graduation in order to be close to family and was lucky enough to be hired at the best vet clinic in Dayton. I have worked at Twin Maples since graduation and plan on staying here for many years to come.

After spending my day caring for our client’s pets, I go home to my own animal family, which includes my 2 year old pit bull mix Tucker, my 8 year old Yorkie – the princess of the family, Zoie; and my 5 cats – Monkey, Chocolate chip, Twix, Phil and Kyle. I have 2 sons, Ben and Alex, who love animals as much as I do and named our 2 cats – Chocolate chip and Twix. They say we have our own little zoo and I frequently find them examining our pets and telling me when something is wrong with them.

I feel very fortunate to have such a wonderful job and such talented and devoted people to work with. Although being a veterinarian can be very stressful and sad at times, the benefits greatly outweigh the difficulties and I truly love my profession. Even though our office closes at 7pm, in this profession, we truly live our job and it follows us home every day. I go to bed every night thinking about the patients and clients that I have seen that day and wondering how I can help them be happier and healthier.

Mark Bisoski


I had my first experience in the field of veterinary medicine at the age of 8. I found a bird that had fallen out of its nest in our front yard and was unable to fly. My mother, brother, and I gave it warmth, food, and water until we got it to the Howell Nature Center later that day. I did not realize at the time that it was the beginning of what would be a lifetime dedicated to improving the lives of our non-human companions.

I grew up in the city of Brighton, Michigan. Some of my best friends growing up were the family pets. Although more independent, the cats (Patches, Silver, and King Tut II) seemed to be able to tell when you were feeling down and would give extra attention and purrs on those days. In contrast, Carmen, the golden retriever, was always eager to give/receive love and attention no matter the day or time. She frequently took her owners out for a walk or instigated a game of tug with no regard to the weather conditions or her owners’ state of wakefulness. I enjoyed their company and always considered them smaller furrier members of the family. This connection, together with encouragement to consider working in the medical field from my mother (a registered nurse) helped me to develop a strong interest in veterinary medicine.

However, I cannot say that the choice to go into veterinary medicine was always obvious to me. I attended Bowling Green State University in Ohio and had the opportunity to explore many possible career paths. I developed other interests in teaching, scientific research, and human medicine. I ultimately decided I wanted the chance to apply the science and medicine I was learning to improve the lives of the animals I knew and the ones I had yet to meet. Simply put, the life of a veterinarian was the life for me. In 2009, I graduated from BGSU and started my veterinary education at Michigan State University College of Veterinary Medicine.

Veterinary school was certainly not an easy process and I could write a book about the experience, but I will simply say that I wouldn’t have given up the experience for anything. Directly before starting my second year of veterinary school, I married my wife, Tricia, whom I had met at Bowling Green State University. It is largely thanks to her support that I have made it where I am today. I graduated from the MSU CVM in 2013 with special recognition for clinical ability in internal medicine and academic excellence in pharmacology. From there, Tricia and I traveled to Blacksburg, Virginia, where I completed a small animal internship at the Virginia-Maryland Regional College of Veterinary Medicine. During this time I received additional training and experience in many aspects of small animal medicine, including internal medicine, surgery, cardiology, neurology, anesthesia, emergency medicine, and general medicine.

Tricia and I decided that we would like to move back home before making any human additions to the family. We were delighted when I was hired as a full time veterinary associate at the best veterinary primary care hospital in the region. I started working at Twin Maples in late July, and am looking forward to offering high quality and compassionate care to the pets of the Miami Valley.

In August, just over a month after starting at Twin Maples, Tricia and I welcomed the newest member of our family, Claire Bisoski, to the world, whom I adore. Much of my down time is spent reading to or playing with her, but I also enjoy running, playing with our dog (Erie, whom I consider the best dog in the world), entertaining our cat (Rasputin), biking, and the occasional adventure race when the opportunity presents itself.

Liz Neilley


I joined Twin Maples in May of 2018 as an associate veterinarian. I grew up north of Dayton, Ohio near a small town called Bradford. As a kid I was involved in 4-H and showed my shetland sheepdog named Elvis at the county fair. My family had a bloodhound rescue and always had several dogs at my home. From a young age I was always interested in science and later grew to be passionate about veterinary medicine. I remember going to a book sale at the library as a third grader with my dad and buying every medical book that I could find. Afterwards I had my mom make up pretend exams for me to test my new found knowledge. My passion for learning and animals followed me as I grew and attended The Ohio State University to receive my bachelors in Animal Sciences and veterinary medical degree. It was on the first day of undergraduate classes at Ohio State that I met my husband Drew who also attended veterinary school with me. After graduating Ohio State Veterinary School in 2017 my husband and I practiced for a year in West Virginia. It was our desire to be closer to family that drove us to find jobs in Ohio and ultimately what led me to Twin Maples Veterinary Hospital.

As a veterinarian my biggest interests are in surgery, dentistry and preventive care. My goal is to not just cure diseases but to catch them early or even better yet prevent them all together. I am passionate about bringing excellent service to clients and their pets.

At home I have two pets; Luna, a miniature poodle who is my shadow and loves to nap, take hikes and be anywhere that I am, and Hermione, a cat who enjoys cat naps and the occasional burst of energy to play tricks on the dog.

On my days off my husband and I enjoy drinking coffee, cooking and baking. When weather permits we enjoy outdoor activities especially hiking and camping. I also enjoy painting, drawing and reading.

Cindy Sekula


My journey in veterinary medicine began with an early grade school assignment which asked what I wanted to be when I grew up. My response was “a Veterinarian”, complete with a self-portrait of myself with a lab coat and stethoscope and surrounded by animals. I was always the kid who was never afraid to touch or pick up any creature that came my way from caterpillars to toads.

Our first family pet was a fluffy black cock-a-poo name Sammy. He joined our family when I was 3 years old and I fondly referred to him as my “puppy gog”. I also grew up with a parakeet named Chippy who lived a very long life of 12 years and had large vocabulary and free range of flight around the house. When I was 16 my final childhood pet literally entered our family through the open garage door, Tiger the tiny orange kitten who turned out to be a very loving big orange cat.

I grew up in Suffield, Ohio just outside of Akron. Throughout High School and undergrad I volunteered and worked for a local veterinary clinic in my hometown. The years of experience at that clinic gave me confirmation that veterinary medicine was the career that I was meant to pursue. Following graduation from Field High School in 1995 I started my undergraduate studies at Ashland University in Ashland, Ohio. I obtained a Bachelor of Science degree in Biology in 1999. I received my Doctor of Veterinary Medicine degree from The Ohio State University College of Veterinary Medicine in 2004. Following graduation I started my career at a small animal practice in Ashland, Ohio before relocating to the Dayton area.

I believe practicing veterinary medicine is an art as well as a science. I enjoy all areas of practice with my overall goal being to improve and lengthen the lives of my patients as well as to educate their owners in the process. I am fortunate and excited to work with an outstanding team of doctors and staff at Twin Maples. I look forward to meeting new clients and pets providing the compassionate and state of the art care that Twin Maples is known for.

Outside of work my husband Corey and I share our household with our cat Dewey, and two fresh water aquariums. In my spare time I enjoy traveling, photography, jigsaw puzzles, fishing, cooking/baking, gardening, and of course, Ohio State sports!

Carly McCoy


My love of caring for animals began at a young age. I grew up in New Albany, OH and was surrounded by many pets over the years. I always had a strong interest in science but gained more direction toward my future career after shadowing my own dog’s veterinarian in high school. I went to Wittenberg University in Springfield, OH where I graduated with a degree in Biology in 2016. I met my future husband on the first day of classes whom continued his studies in human medicine. During my undergraduate years, I fostered service dogs in training for 4 Paws for Ability; seeing the difference a dog can make in the life of a family is a large part of why I pursued a career as a veterinarian.

I attended veterinary school at Purdue University and graduated in 2020 during the middle of the COVID-19 pandemic. While at Purdue, I adopted my guinea pig, Nugget, who was with me through many long nights of studying. I completed an externship at Twin Maples and knew this practice was the right fit for me. Upon graduation, I was thrilled to be hired as a full-time veterinarian and to join a team of such compassionate and knowledgeable doctors. My interests in veterinary medicine include preventative care, client education, and small mammals.

During my free time I love to be outdoors and particularly enjoy camping and hiking. It is a personal goal of mine to visit every National Park in the United States. I also enjoy art, movies, and spending time with my family.

Maria Lowe


Like many, I knew I wanted to be a veterinarian since I was very young. In the fifth grade I got my very first pet dog and she started it all. Through the years my family and I acquired another dog and a cat and when we would take them to the vet I was in awe of how much they could do and how much they knew. Ever since, when I was asked what I wanted to be when I grew up, I could never really see myself doing anything else.

I was born and raised in West Chester, Ohio and went on to the University of Cincinnati to obtain my Bachelor’s degree in Biology of Animals. During my time there, I worked at a small animal clinic as an assistant and founded Pre-Veterinary Society to help those like me with a passion to care for animals. I graduated from UC in 2017 and the very next day I was on a plane to start my journey through veterinary school.

I attended Ross University School of Veterinary Medicine on the island of St. Kitts. This was the study abroad experience of a lifetime and allowed me to meet people from all over the world and work with many animal species that I had never been exposed to. Becoming a veterinarian has been one of the greatest challenges but also one of the most rewarding opportunities to be a part of what I truly believe is the best profession.

I completed my clinical year at the University of Tennessee and graduated in 2020. I was lucky enough to come across Twin Maples Veterinary Hospital to work with so many intelligent and hardworking doctors and staff.

Within the field, I have special interest in general medicine and exotic animal care and have certifications in fear free techniques, basic and advanced critical care and life support, and partners for healthy pets.

Outside of veterinary medicine I am passionate about travel, learning new things, and fitness.

“Do not follow where the path may lead. Go instead where there is no path and leave a trail.”

-Ralph Waldo Emerson

Care Team

Maggie Johnson

Hospital Manager

Unlike most in this profession, Maggie did not grow up surrounded by family pets. She is an “Air Force Brat” which made having a pet (according to her parents) an unreasonable option. However, she found animals to care for wherever her family lived. She especially enjoyed, much to the disapproval of her neighbors, taking care of the stray packs of dogs in their neighborhood during a stay in Tehran, Iran. While overseas she developed a strong desire to become part of the veterinary community and to assist in the care of the unwanted strays and family pets.

In the late 1970’s her family landed in Dayton. Although this has been her home for 40 years, she still has strong ties to one of her favorite childhood experiences, The Nebraska Cornhuskers football team. She attended Columbus State Community College and obtained her Associates in Veterinary Technology in 1986. After working several years as a technician, she returned to school, majoring in Business Administration and Finance, and graduated from Wright State University in 2007. She has been employed at Twin Maples since 1986.

Maggie’s primary position is the Hospital Manager. She works closely with Dr. Clouse to assure that we continue to meet the expectations of our staff and clients.

Her furry dog family consists ofSharlee a very loyal and sweet Australian Shepherd and Roxie a dog from the streets of Iran. She was lucky enough to be able to foster Roxie when she arrived at the states and it did not take long for her to fall in love with Roxie’s “street smarts”. On her days off you may find her enjoying any outside activity including hiking, camping,and her latest passion, cycling.

Alisha Caplinger

Veterinary Assistant

Alisha Caplinger was born and raised in Miamisburg (Go Vikings!). When she was younger, she was highly allergic to animal fur, so her parents got her chickens and a pig (named Arnold) for pets. Still, she would take every chance she got to love on furry animals, even though they would make her break out! Around 6th grade, Alisha outgrew her allergies and got her first “furry” pets: a Belgian sheepdog named Bingo and a grey tabby cat named Ginger.

Alisha graduated in 2005 from Miamisburg and the Miami Valley Career Technology Center where she was one of the first students enrolled in the brand new Pre Vet Tech program. She started working in veterinary clinics in 2004 as part of a work program though MVCTC, and joined the team at Twin Maples in 2007, where she worked as an outpatient assistant and customer service representative.

She married her husband, Andrew, in 2009 and they currently have 3 dogs: Jethro, a treeing walker coonhound; Rowdy, a bulldog; and Jackson, a basset hound. They also have 3 indoor cats: Mushu, Mirkou, and Trillian; 2 barn cats, Maverick and Boots; an African grey parrot named Gandalf; 2 cockatiels, Buddy and Storm; a green iguana, Dante; and a beta fish named Anubis.

In her free time, Alisha enjoys photography, camping, fishing, and anything that has to do with the outdoors. She also tends to spend a lot of time sewing, painting and drawing. She is a computer geek, so a large portion of her time is spent gaming on one of her many gaming systems or on the computer.

Courtney Jones

Veterinary Assistant

Courtney started working at Twin Maples Veterinary Hospital in November of 2014. She was born & raised in Middletown, Ohio until 2nd grade when she moved to Kettering Ohio. Her passion for animals was very strong even as a child. She would sneak strays into her mom’s house (which mom did not approve of) or build them shelters with whatever she had in the field across from her home & try to find people to take them in. She feels her love for animals is partly inherited from her Father. She grew up watching him help & care for any animal that he could & was always excited every time he brought home dogs, cats, snakes, birds, bunnies, guinea pigs, painted dragons, sharks etc.

Courtney graduated from Kettering Fairmont High school where she was taking classes geared toward a career in Nursing. She not only had a strong passion for animals but for helping people as well. After four years of working in a nursing home, Courtney began to realize nursing was not where her heart was and decided to finally switch careers. She enrolled in Penn Foster’s Veterinary Assistant program & started working at a pet store & groomer to gain more animal experience. She now works at Twin Maples as an Outpatient Assistant & Receptionist, where she communicates client concerns to the Doctor, shows care & compassion for the animals & their owners, as well as working the Pharmacy & Reception.

Courtney & her husband Montana, reside in Kettering, Ohio. They have 1 son, Kaden, who will be 8 years old on Christmas Eve and a daughter who will be 3 in February. They also have a rescue fur girl: Tessa, a brindle Pit-bull. In her free time, she enjoys spending time with her family, going to her son’s wrestling meets, camping, having bonfires, dancing, & fostering animals for a rescue organization.

Kelsie Brunk

Veterinary Assistant

Kelsie was born and raised in Franklin, Ohio. After graduating High School, she attended Miami University to play softball and study computer engineering. After going through a couple semesters she realized that computers weren’t her thing, so she transferred to Sinclair and changed her major to Event Planning and Hospitality Management where she got her degree in May of 2018. Even though she went to school for a completely different major, Kelsie can’t seem to leave the vet med field and loves working with animals and doesn’t see herself leaving for a long time. Kelsie has two German Shepherds who she spoils very much named Wego and Ryder. Outside of work you can probably find her at the gym, spending time with her husband, Josh, or binge watching Netflix on the couch. Kelsie loves to go out and be adventurous and spontaneous. She enjoys going hiking and kayaking.

Penny Carmany

Registered Veterinary Technician

Penny Carmany was born and raised in Kettering, Ohio. She now lives in Lebanon, Ohio. She is a Registered Veterinary Technician at Twin Maples Veterinary Hospital. All her life, she wanted to work with animals and the job description was perfect for her. She started her carrier at Bigger Road Veterinary Hospital in Kettering. That is when she learned what a Veterinary Technician did and decided what to do with her life.

Penny graduated from the Raymond Walters Veterinary Technician program in 1996. She started working for Twin Maples in March 1997, and has worked here for 17 years now. She feels confident in her job and feels she works for one of the best animal hospitals in the Dayton area. They never stop trying to improve the care of patients and educate the community in the care of their pets.

Penny and her husband were married in February 1998. They met in high school, when she was just 16 years old and just celebrated their 15 year anniversary. They have 2 children. Cole, born in 2001, is in sixth grade and Kevin, born in 2003, is in fourth. They both like video games and playing sports. The family keeps very busy going to basketball, baseball, and football games throughout the year. The rest of their time is spent at home with a house full of pets. They have 3 cats: Super Cat, Ruby and JR; a canary named Elvis; 2 Dogs: Maggie and Marlene; a saltwater fish tank; and 3 Netherland dwarf rabbits.

Robyn McGeorge

Registered Veterinary Technician

Robyn McGeorge is a Registered Veterinary Technician here at Twin Maples. She grew up in Kettering and moved to Gratis Township in 2006 in order to have her horse, Hershey’s Kiss, finally live with her on her property. All through high school, Robyn knew she wanted to work with animals and start her own animal rescue. She enrolled at Wright State University as a business student but after 4 quarters, she quickly realized that was not the path for her.

She took a quarter off and got a job as a Veterinary Assistant at the Dayton Emergency Veterinary Clinic (now Medvet). She instantly knew that she wanted to pursue a degree in veterinary technology. She decided to go to Raymond Walters College, University of Cincinnati to get her Associates of Applied Science degree. She then started working at Twin Maples immediately following graduation in June 1994.

At Twin Maples, as a technician, Robyn’s duties include drawing blood, running laboratory tests, placing intravenous catheters, prepping patients for surgery, monitoring patients during and after surgery, and caring for hospitalized patients. She also takes radiographs (her favorite part of the job) and is in charge of radiation safety in the hospital.

Outside of Twin Maples, Robyn leads a very busy life. She has been married to her husband, Chris, since 2004. They have 2 horses: a rescued Belgian cross named Chance, and Hershey, her Quarter Horse/Arabian that she’s had since high school. They also have a crazy cat named Batman, a chow/golden named Shiloh, and a sweet black and tan coonhound mix named Chase, both of which Chris adopted from shelters before the couple met. They adopted their latest dog, a black mouth cur named Sailor (aka Lady Licks a lot), in 2012.

Robyn loves being outside with her animals, hiking and horseback riding. She and Chris enjoy going on vacations to enjoy nature and they also love going to Disney World, the happiest place on Earth! Her passion lies with animal rescue, adoption, and education. She started Robyn’s Nest, a non-profit animal rescue, in 2005. It started out as a foster network, but in 2008 Robyn went part time at Twin Maples in order to open her first facility in Miamisburg. Running the non-profit takes a lot of her time, but she enjoys it very much and takes pride in the help they offer to animals and their people.

Valerie Petry

Registered Veterinary Technician

Valerie grew up in Liberty Township, OH, and was involved with 4-H showing her 2 golden retrievers and her rabbit. She always had pets but it wasn’t until she was 17 and started working as a Kennel Attendant at a local animal hospital and that she discovered she wanted to pursue an education as a Veterinary Technician.

After graduating high school, Valerie attended Morehead State University in Morehead, Kentucky and graduated in 2001 with an Associates in Applied Science, Veterinary Technology. After her internship at The University of Tennessee, she started working at Twin Maples.

At Twin Maples, Valerie’s responsibilities include blood draw, anesthesia, surgical prep and surgical assisting, intravenous catheter placement, administration of oral and injectable medications, dentistry, and preparing and running lab samples. Her special interests lie in surgery, anesthesia and training/educating new technicians and assistants.

Valerie has been married to her husband, Zane, for 10 years and they have 2 children: Eli and Isaac. They also have a chihuahua name Rita, who was adopted from Robyn’s Nest. She is a very sweet chihuahua who would like nothing better than to sit in your lap. Valerie’s black lab, Rosie, who was adopted from Miami County Animal Shelter, is a great running partner and loves to give kisses. Her 2 cats, Heater and Gemma, were adopted from the Humane Society. They are very ornery and provide hours of entertainment for everyone.

When she is not working, Valerie enjoys spending time with her family, being involved with a “Moms” group at her church, reading, running, and being involved with 4-H.


My name is Hank and I was the Twin Maples mascot for almost 18 years. I loved to torment all the dogs and cats that came into the hospital and put them in their place, but my most favorite thing was making the staff work for me. I loved to make them feed me treats and carry me around in my old age. I used to be a blood donor for any sick kitty who needed me but I have since retired. I love to think about all the kitties I helped in the past. Everyone who came to and worked at Twin Maples knew of me and always asked about me. I have since crossed over the Rainbow Bridge but I will always be around Twin Maples making everyone smile.


Hi my name is Gus; I have been at Twin Maples for almost 6 years. I took over Hanks position of blood donor when he retired.I’m ambivalent about giving blood, but they tell me I have saved lots of lives! I’m kind of shy so I tend to hang out in the stairwell or kitchen downstairs. I do love to lobby for food from the staff when they are eating lunch or snacks. My hobbies include sleeping and jumping in and out of recycling bins! I have a bad habit of chewing wires so I have been banned from the doctor’s offices.

Angie Fetter

Registered Veterinary Technician

Angie is a Registered Veterinary Technician at Twin Maples Veterinary Hospital. She graduated from Raymond Walters College, at the University of Cincinnati in 2006. Since her graduation from Raymond Walters, Angie has worked at Twin Maples, with the exception of a two year break to be home with her children.

Angie’s passion for animals started as a very young child with a house full of cats and dogs. In high school she received her first job at Twin Maples working in the kennel. She helped with the care and well being of the animals being boarded. With this first job at Twin Maples Angie knew that she wanted to become an animal nurse. With her goals set, she started to pursue her education to fulfill this dream of becoming a RVT.

While at work, Angie has a strong interest in animal dentistry and dental radiography. She also enjoys surgical assisting, anesthesia, and general patient care.

Outside of work, Angie enjoys spending time with her husband, Andy, and their two children, Collin and Kinley. As a family they especially enjoy hiking, camping, and boating.

Included in Angie’s family there are two dogs; Levi, a Pomeranian, and Scout, a Golden Retriever. Two cats, CJ and Lucky Pants. Various farm animals; including chickens, sheep, and a miniature horse.

Olivia Godzak

Registered Veterinary Technician

Olivia’s parents always knew she would end up in veterinary medicine. From the time she could walk, they watched her pick up any animal she could get her hands on. She was always finding baby birds in the yard or picking up snakes out of the garden. Unlike most in the field, Olivia never worked with animals growing up. She instead worked at a retail store from the time she was fifteen years old, and for a long time she considered staying in retail for her career. When it was time to go off to college; however, Olivia decided to go to school to be a veterinarian, and went to the University of Findlay for a year. Once in school, she decided that she was much more suited to be a veterinary nurse. She moved from her small farm town in northwestern Ohio down to Dayton to go to Miami-Jacobs Career College. At the end of her program, Olivia did her externship at Twin Maples, and immediately knew it was where she was meant to be. As soon as she graduated in 2016, she started at Twin Maples as a veterinary nurse.

Olivia’s favorite thing to do at work is anesthesia because she loves all of the math calculations. She also enjoys taking care of hospitalized patients and giving them special attention and care. Outside of work, Olivia is typically at the dog park or hiking with the love of her life: her little mutt, Shelley. In addition to her dog, she also has a hedgehog and two geckos, and when she’s not hanging out with all of her pets, you can find Olivia taking care of her shelves and shelves of plants.

Sydney Walker

Veterinary Assistant

My name is Sydney Walker and I’m a Kennel Assistant. I was born and raised in West Carrollton, Ohio. Ever since I was a child our house has been filled with animals and still to this day its like a zoo in our house and that zoo consist of Luna our chocolate lab who is the newest addition to our family, our boxer Zeus and our 4 cats Buster, Shadow, Bella and Onyx . Before getting the job at Twin Maples, which has been a dream of mine since I was 4 years old, we were clients: all of our pets past and present have been patients at the hospital. Ever since I was a little girl I have always had this love for animals and this drive to help them so I plan to continue my studies in the future and pursue a career in Veterinary Medicine.

Brittney Owen

Veterinary Assistant

Brittney graduated from Ohio Institute of Photography and Technology with a degree in Bio-Medical Photography in 2005. After working as a medical patient photographer at an eye surgery facility for a short period she decided to make a career change and follow her first passion, her love for animals. She treasures sharing in the joy of companionship with the owners of the pets who come into the hospital as well as comforting them during times of sorrow.

Growing up in West Carrollton, she enjoys working in her hometown with familiar faces. She joined the staff at Twin Maples in 2006. You can witness her joyful spirit and obvious love for the animals when she greets you as either a Customer Service Representative or Outpatient Assistant.

Brittney currently resides in West Carrollton with her pets – a cocker spaniel named Molly, a schnauzer named Topher and her cat, Mickey. On weekends you will find her hanging out with friends, playing with her pets or taking pictures of nature and animals which she absolutely loves to do any chance she can get.

Madison Frazer

Veterinary Assistant

Madison was born and raised in Miamisburg, Ohio. As a child she began to love animals and continued to love them through high school. Madison graduated from Miamisburg High School in 2016 and began Wildlife Conservation studies at Ohio University. After about a year she decided Ohio University was not the school for her and came home to study at Sinclair Community college. Madison is deciding on Veterinary technician or Health Service Administration as her career of choice. She has been a member of the Twin Maples staff since April of 2018 and has loved every minute of it. Madison has 3 dogs, one who was brought in as a stray, and a hedgehog at home. In her free time, you can find her playing with her pets, at the gym, baking, watching Netflix, or with friends.

Taylor Taynor

Veterinary Assistant

While Taylor was a little girl she always had dreamed she would be a professional dancer, and or a soccer player. That dreamed changed once her mother saw her help a helpless little robin that fell out of the nest. At that moment her mother told her “Tay honey, I bet you will be working with animals once you grow up” Now to present that is exactly what Taylor is doing. Taylor joined Twin Maples in January of 2018. She has loved the career she has made working as an Outpatient Assistant. She still wants to follow her dream and become a Veterinarian, and live in Sydney Australia. Taylor had went to ABC college in North Carolina while her husband was in the service, short after living in North Carolina she became pregnant with her now 2 year old little boy, Zeke. It was the best Christmas Present anyone could have wished for. Although Taylor is pushing her for dream career, she is doing that in baby steps. She is currently trying to go back to school for Veterinary Technology, at Sinclair. At home, Taylor has her husband, Clint of 3 years, her two year old little boy Zeke, also her two Siberian Huskies, Nala, and Loki. Taylor attempted to foster Loki for Robyn’s Nest but ended up Foster Failing once she fell in love with him. Her husband has his own dog named, Zeus who is a Pittbull. Outside of work Taylor loves spending time with her family, and her two fur babies. Taylor love’s to go over to her childhood home every weekend and visit her mother, and father and play dart’s in her dad’s bar! On Occasion Taylor will go out with friends when possible!

Taylor Adams

Registered Veterinary Technician

Taylor is a registered veterinary technician here at Twin Maples, she loves helping and caring for the animals as much as possible. Growing up Taylor has always had a passion for animals. Taylor is currently going to Sinclair to be Veterinarian Technician, she plans on graduating in Spring 2019! Outside of work Taylor loves spending time with her boyfriend Bobby and her pug Shelby.

Daisy Warner

Veterinary Assistant

Daisy moved to the Miamisburg area after graduating high school in 2018. She joined our team in June of 2019 as a Client Service Representative, and enjoys helping each and every one of our clients. Since she was child, her passion has been animals and their care. She loves meeting all of our patients every day! Working with animals has always been her calling. She is currently attending Sinclair working towards finishing her Veterinary Technician certification. Her end goal is to become a veterinarian, hoping to specialize in orthopedic surgeries. In her free time, she enjoys hiking, painting, reading, and spending time with her family and friends. Her two-year-old cat Bubba is her pride and joy!

Ashley Brown

Veterinary Assistant

Ashley was born and raised in Brookville, OH. After high school, she attended college at Colorado State University and got her bachelor’s degree in Statistics. While at CSU, she worked for a cat shelter and spay/neuter clinic where she fell in love with working with animals. After graduation, Ashley became a financial services representative. In 2020, Ashley moved back to Ohio to be closer to family. This move was a great opportunity to get back into something she loves, so she found Twin Maples. Ashley currently has one cat, named Nala. She was raised with two labs (pictured): Bailey and Bella. In the future, Ashley hopes to go back to school for her Vet Tech degree. Ashley loves reading, hiking, and working at her mom’s ice cream shop in her free time.

Krista Roundtree

Veterinary Assistant

Krista grew up in Miamisburg and animals have always been an important part of her life. She grew up with both dogs and cats, so it felt natural to her when she became a customer service representative at Twin Maples.

Currently, she has 3 cats (Alice, Zoey and Penny), 2 guinea pigs (Cocoa and Mocha) and a rabbit (Toby). They all also reside with her husband of 25 years and their 3 teenagers. They all share the same love for animals and agree that the house would not be the same without the chaos of their 4 legged family members.

Krista and her family love to travel and have found a love for Arizona, Utah, Nevada part of the country. They enjoy hiking and exploring new areas when they travel.

Natalie Simpson

Veterinary Assistant

Natalie grew up in a small town, and has always been close with her family and friends, they always knew she’d end up working with animals. Growing up her dad would spoil her with animals and that’s where she got her love for them. When she graduated from Dixie High School in 2018 she wanted to be a barber, and then she finally realized that animals would always be what she truly wanted to do. She is about to enroll in school to become a Vet Tech and couldn’t be more excited! She currently lives in Miamisburg with her amazing husband, and her 3 lovely dogs. She joined Twin Maples in November of 2020 and couldn’t be happier with the team and all of the patients we see!


My name is Thresh. I have been here at Twin Maples for 4 years when my brother and I were dropped off with two other siblings by the back door! I help other kittens to save their lives when they need drug transfusions. My hobbies include eating the other cat’s food until I puke, playing with flashlights and eating cat nip.


Hello all, my name is Finnick (Finnick Benjamin Maples, to be exact). I have been here at Twin Maples for almost 4 years now. My brother Thresh and I, along with two other siblings were dropped off here at Twin Maples in a box by the door. I help other cats in need if they need help with blood transfusions! Luckily we were dropped off at the right place, because they took us all in and immediately started giving us the best medical attention and love we could ever ask for. I am very popular among the ladies that work here. I really enjoy going into the treatment area to crawl under the desk and poke my paws through the wire holes in the desk to play with the technicians. Some of my other hobbies include being held like a baby, dressing up in funny costumes, annoying Dr. Clouse and binge eating every other house cat’s food until I puke.

Alaina Fox

Kennel Assistant

Alaina Fox was born in Dayton, Ohio and she lives in the small town of Carlisle. She has loved animals her whole life. She started volunteering at Robyn’s Nest, a non-profit animal rescue, in 2019 for college in order to get work hours, but ended up staying and volunteering there to this day because she enjoyed it so much. Alaina is attending Sinclair Community College, working toward becoming a Veterinary Technician. She joined the Twin Maples team in August 2020, knowing it will help her get to her goal!

In late 2016, Alaina took in a stray cat that kept looking in her front window. She is Alaina’s joy, and her name is Tweety! And on March 25th, 2021, she adopted a 9 year old Shih Tzu named Greta, and has never been so excited!

She got engaged to her best friend on her birthday in 2020. Her fiancé lives in Tennessee for now, but they’ve been together since mid 2019. They enjoy taking walks, hiking, and swimming. When he comes home to Ohio for good, and they get married, their family will be complete….for a while at least!

Taylor Shepard

Technician Assistant

Taylor was born and raised in the Dayton area. She has always had a special place in her heart for animals from a very young age. So much so her father’s nickname for her was “Elly May” from the tv show Beverly Hillbillies. Taylor was always wanting to bring every critter she found home anything from a stray cat to a raccoon!

Prior to working at Twin Maples, Taylor was a dog groomer for 7 years. After realizing she wanted to expand her knowledge in the animal care industry she decided to find a job at a veterinary clinic. She is now attending Penn Foster’s veterinary technician program and plans to graduate in 2023.

In her free time, Taylor loves to go kayaking, spend time with her friends and family and cuddle up with her Chihuahua/Brussels Griffon mix, Mushroom while rewatching The Office.

Jennifer DeGrant

Technician Assistant

Originally from Michigan, Jeniffer joined the Twin Maples team in October 2020. She is currently enrolled in Penn Foster’s Vet Tech program. Jeniffer got her start in a vet clinic in 2013 as a kennel assistant and has worked in vet clinics as an assistant for the most part since then. She always told herself she wanted to work in human medicine and even became a phlebotomist. After a few months, she realized human medicine was not for her and came running back to the animal world. In her free time, she likes to watch Netflix, browse the racks at Marshall’s, and attempt all sorts of new recipes.

Sara Wombold

Veterinary Assistant

Sara has always had a spot in her heart for animals, she always had animals while she was growing up. When people asked her what she wanted to be when she grew up she would always tell them, she wanted to be a veterinarian. Sara went to Miami Valley Career Technology Center for animal care and management, and her love for working with animals just grew more. Since then Sara has adopted 3 animals, her two dogs and one of her cats. Sara is planning to enroll in college for a veterinary technician in the fall.

Amanda Wenning

Registered Veterinary Technician

Amanda was always interested in human medicine and dreamt of becoming a NICU nurse. She never gave any thought to veterinary medicine until her cat, Maddie, became sick and she realized her two passions, pets and the science of medicine, could actually become her dream career choice. Amanda graduated from Miami Jacob’s Career College in 2016. She worked emergency medicine for over three years. Amanda decided she wanted to see what else veterinary medicine could offer and found her home with Twin Maples. In her free time, Amanda likes to craft with the help of her cat Gustavo, hang out with her friends, and bake.

Anya Horenziak

Kennel Assistant

Anya grew up with her dad in the Air Force, so she has moved around a lot. After living in seven different states, her family ended up in Centerville, Ohio during her junior year of high school. She graduated from Centerville High School in 2020.

Anya is now going to school at Sinclair to get her associates degree in biology. Hopefully that will allow her to pursue a career as a physical therapist or a vet tech. She was not interested in veterinary medicine until she started working for Twin Maples back in March 2021. Although, she has always loved helping animals in need ever since she was little.

Living in so many states has heavily influenced her love for traveling and being outdoors. One of her goals is to travel to every state in the USA and step foot on every continent.

In her spare time Anya loves to spend time with her pets and be outside. At her house they have a dog, a cat, a fish, a bearded dragon, and two rats. In order their names are Sadie, Nippy, Biggo, Lynx, Sagira, and Clover. When she isn’t sleeping or reading you can find Anya at the gym, hiking, or going on a bike ride.

Natasha Goebel

Registered Veterinary Technician

Natasha has always loved working with animals from an early age. She graduated from a vocational/ agricultural high school in Connecticut where she took classes for animal science while working as a kennel attendant at a boarding/grooming facility. When she ventured to South Carolina, she continued to work as a kennel attendant at an animal hospital, but was also trained as a veterinary assistant. That’s where she fell in love with veterinary medicine. She got married in 2013 and her husband’s job moved them to Cocoa Beach, Florida where she continued working towards her passion as a veterinary assistant. She graduated from the St. Petersburg Veterinary Technology program in 2018 in Florida and passed her state boards to become Certified Veterinary Technician. In 2020 her husband’s job moved them to the Dayton area where she transferred her license and is now a Registered Veterinary Technician in the state of Ohio. She started working for Twin Maples in March 2021.

Natasha and her husband, Steven, have 2 children, Stephanie and Steven. They also have 3 furbabies, a dachshund named Shaye, a husky named Loki, and a cat named Twix. She loves running, doing yoga, and taking adventures with her family.

JoAnna Rowley

Veterinary Assistant

JoAnna grew up near Cleveland, OH and has been around all kind of animals her whole life. Her father would often find pets abandoned outside of his office at the local police station. From dogs to cats to snapping turtles and at one point even a Camon Crocodile joined the family until it found a permanent home at the local zoo (Fun Fact: JoAnna once snuck the crocodile outside to feed it raw chicken and it nearly ran away but was quickly caught and to this day her parents still don’t know…unless they read this bio!). JoAnna has always been passionate about animals, especially caring for the ones who are elderly or disabled.

JoAnna currently fosters rescue dogs with her husband and they enjoy camping and traveling in their free time.

Brianna Clouse

Registered Veterinary Technician

Brianna grew up raising Rottweilers. It took one very special rott named diamond, that truly made her decide that being a vet tech is what she wanted to do in life. Brianna has always loved and showed so much compassion towards animals. She graduated from Sinclair’s veterinary technician program. She did her externship here at twin maples and was hired on after graduating! In Brianna’s free time she enjoys hanging out with friends and snowboarding.