Hello all, my name is Finnick (Finnick Benjamin Maples, to be exact). I have been here at Twin Maples for almost 4 years now. Now unlike Hank, I wasn’t brought here by a lovely employee. Although we were kittens, my brother Thresh and I, along with two other siblings were dropped off here at Twin Maples in a box by the door. Luckily we were dropped off at the right place, because they took us all in and immediately started giving us the best medical attention and love we could ever ask furrr. Now I know that this might sound like a sad story, but I am really glad it happened because Thresh and I were able to stay here and live! Our two other siblings got adopted out and they are living their best lives just like we are right meow.

I know I’m not as known as Hank is to our clients, but I am very popular among the ladies that work here. I really enjoy going into the treatment area to crawl under the desk and poke my paws through the wire holes in the desk to play with the technicians. Sometimes in their free time they like to give me my favuuurrrrite treat ever; squeezy cheese!! That stuff is typically used on the little puppies that come in for visits, but I really enjoy it because it tastes supurrr pawsome. Some of my other hobbies include being held like a baby, dressing up in funny costumes, annoying Dr. Clouse (hehehe), and binge eating every other house cat’s food until I puke.

Since I love being dressed up, October is my favuuurrrrite month of the year. I get to really express who I am as a cat. Even though I don’t get to go door to door on Halloween, the lovely ladies here at Twin Maples make sure I don’t feel left out and dress me up. They get a lot of joy in seeing me in cutie outfits. I don’t think I would actually enjoy going outside to go trick or treating either to be honest, I get spooked pretty easily…. Hehehe, see what I did there?

Since it is almost Halloween, I am here to talk to you about the possible risks that come along with the holiday. Along with Trick or Treating comes lots of little things in wrappers that humans go crazy for, I think they call it candy. I’ve tried many times to play with the wrappers I find lying around but the people here stop me as soon as they see me do it. They say that it’s a hazard and could cause obstruction in me if I ate one, but I just don’t understand because they are too much fun to bat around the floor.

The actual content that is in the wrappers is what I’ve always tried to find, but they reeeeally don’t want me in that stuff. Everyone here says it can be puurrrrrrtty poisonous to me and I am notorious for trying to get into everyone’s food here. Chocolate is a big one that they really keep away from me, they say that one is really bad for me to eat, especially the dark kind. Candy corn, raisins, and any candy that is sugar free is really bad for me and all the other kitties too. Now I know that us cats can be persistent with messing with things we aren’t supposed to, at least that’s how we are here at Twin Maples. If you are expecting a lot of candy at your house around the holiday, try to keep it up out of reach for us so we can’t accidentally get into it! They use that trick on us and trust me, it works.

Even though I don’t ever have access to them, I hurrrd through the catvine that those glow sticks are really mesmurrrrizing to us kitties because they are bright and fun to chew. There are a lot of them out around Halloween time. The contents in them can cause a lot of mouth pain and irritation, as well as drooling and foaming. If it gets on your purrry friends, make sure to bathe the chemical off the fur because it could be toxic if they continue to groom themselves!

Another thing to watch out for on Halloween is your kitties stress level! If you live in a neighborhood, your door might be blowing up on Halloween night. The constant knocking, doorbell ringing, and groups full of strangers can really stress us felines out. Stress can lead to hiding, reduced appetite, digestive upset, or even aggression. None of us kitties want to hurt our caretakers, but sometimes we can’t help it when we are startled! When it gets too noisy here at Twin Maples, they like to put us downstairs where it is nice and quiet so we don’t get all worked up. If you are expecting people at your house, maybe try to place your kitty in a secluded area where it won’t be so noisy! I know that it really helps me remain calm, because like I said before, I get spooked purrrty easily.

If you think your furrrry furrend has ingested something poisonous, the lovely doctors here say it would be easier and could potentially be less expensive if they get treated sooner rather than later! If the humans here at Twin Maples aren’t here, there’s a couple places I heard of called MedVet and Care Center that are open 24/7 to see emergencies at all hours of the night and day!

I am going to go now, I think I see that the other cats are being fed and I need to make sure I get some of it too!

Happy Hollweeeeen!