Heat Stroke Revisited

Last May we discussed the dangers of heat stroke. It’s likely that you have already seen numerous photos on Facebook being shared warning of the risk of leaving your pet (or child!) unattended in your car now that the temperature is heating up and summer is almost here. So do you remember the reasons why [...]

Lily Toxicity in Cats

Lilies are beautiful to look at…but are deadly for your cats. We are well into the spring season now, and Easter has passed not too long ago, and Mother’s Day is coming up.  Many of you probably have new floral arrangements in your home to celebrate the occasion.  Do you know all of the flowers [...]

Heartworm Disease in Dogs and Why Prevention is so Important

You take your dog to the veterinarian for its annual exam, and sit through their spiel on routine wellness plans and recommendations. Some vets may spend a lot of time on the subject of heartworm disease, going into much detail on what the disease is and how to prevent it, and some may speed through [...]

Lyme Disease

Last year we discussed different ticks and tick-borne diseases. For this blog we will focus specifically on Lyme disease, as it is also a disease that can be transmitted to people. Lyme disease is caused by a spirochete (a bacterium that has spiral-shaped cells), Borrelia burgdorferi. How is Lyme disease transmitted to people and pets? [...]

Allergic Reactions in Pets

You may be familiar with allergic reactions in people, but did you know they can occur in your pets, too? Numerous causes are to blame, including foods, insect bites, vaccines, medications, etc. The severity of the symptoms can vary. Do you know what signs to watch for? Click here and also speak to your Twin [...]

Heart Disease in Pets

There are many types and causes of heart disease, and heart disease is a common problem in dogs and cats. Have any of your pets been diagnosed with a form of heart disease? Have you ever heard of any symptoms that can indicate your pet may have heart disease? Do you know how heart disease [...]

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