The last time we talked, it was four months ago… ridiculous, right? I got to talk to you guys about the best gifts to get us feline’sfurr Christmas and reminded you of the ones you shouldn’t get us. I hope Santa came to visit your kitties at home, because he came to visit us here at Twin Maples! Now since all of the other cats here are blogging about great facts about cats, I want to tell you today the best reasons why you should get a feline friend… (Because we are the best, duh!)

Us cats are independent, and we understand the concept of personal space. Unlike dogs, we don’t need as much attention. We aren’t always up in your face trying to figure out what you’re doing, wanting to play, and following your every move throughout the house (there are some cats who do, but most of us just don’t care). You can consider us low maintenance; we only really need a place to sleep, litter box, food, and water… even though a cat toy now and then gives us something to play with when we get really bored. Do you live in a smaller apartment or a larger house? Since us cats are low maintenance, we can adapt to almost every environment to live in!

If you are a couch potato, you’re in luck because so are most of us! We love to cuddle, fit well on your lap, and we don’t hog the whole couch or bed like most dogs do. I mean, they aren’t called “cat naps” furr no reason ;-). While you’re cuddling with us, you don’t have to worry about slobber! Us house cats here at Twin Maples have seen so many dogs come in here that slobber all the time… ew. We know how to control ourselves, so we don’t slobber all over you while you are trying to give us love. When you wake up from a nap, we don’t have to go outside furr a potty break! You won’t have to suck it up in the cold and take us out on a leash.

If you ask me, we smell better too. Unless you let us outside, chances are we haven’t rolled in dirt and won’t be tracking it all over the house furr you to clean up! We bathe ourselves usually, so you won’t have to do it furr us… good thing, ‘cause water gives me the heebiejeebies! Since we bathe ourselves, that’s one less thing that you have to do and more time you can spend on doing something else. I’ve seen the girls here at Twin Maples try to bathe some dogs and they are like wiggle worms! It takes furrever sometimes; I wouldn’t have the patience.

Now the last three reasons why you should own a cat are the most important I think… this is where cats take the lead in most convenient pet to have. First, we are greaaaaaat alarm clocks. Worried you will sleep in too long? Well, we are early risers and we think that breakfast is a really important meal of the day. So, we wake you up! Whether that be jumping on you, bopping your face with our paws, or head diving… you won’t miss out on an early rise.

Second, we don’t bark. Yes, I know, we do meow. However, it isn’t as loud as barking. We won’t hurt your ears or make you go insane because we won’t be quiet! Personally speaking, I think meowing is a lot cuter.

Last but not least, we reduce stress! Having a feline friend at home can give you companionship, put you in better moods, and make you feel loved! Who doesn’t love coming home from a long day at work to a cute cuddly cat waiting to be loved on?

Now don’t get me wrong, dogs are great too. But it’s my job to tell you that cats are great… because I’m a cat! I want all dogs and cats to have great homes and I want them all to be the perfect companions’furr their owners!

If you don’t already have one, what are you waiting furr?