Hank Maples

This month all of us house cats wanted to write a blog together in honor of Hank. If you hadn’t already heard, we lost the king of Twin Maples recently. Hank had been at Twin Maples furr so many years and we had the greatest privilege of living here with him. It was a sad day for theTwin Maples family, but we are powering through it and remembering him every day.

Up until his last day with us, he got the best care ever. As a matter of fact, we all get the best care ever. Anything that us house cats need, the staff here at Twin Maples does their best to make sure we get it. They make sure that we are as comfurrtable as possible at all times, and they especially did that furr Hank. We all knew that he really appreciated it, because we all know that we do, too.

There are so many great stories about Hank, this blog would turn into a novel if we were to tell them all. One time Hank was walking all around the counter, purr usual, and he knocked the can of cheese off on to the floor. The staff at Twin Maples likes to use cheese to give dogs (and sometimes cats) a treat while they get vaccines or other things done in the treatment area. Well, this particular time, the nozzle on the can broke off and started spraying cheese everywhere on the floor while rolling around! Hank was very pleased with this and got down on the floor and started eating as much cheese as he could until someone came and picked him up.

He had a way of getting whatever he wanted. If you recall our first cat blog ever, he explained what it was like living here at Twin Maples. He explained that he got whatever he wanted when he wanted (that couldn’t have been more true). He got to hang out in treatment to see everything going on all of the time, he had his own spot reserved on the counter with a heating pad under soft blankets right when you walked into the treatment room. He got to see so many pets throughout the day and got plenty of snacks when he meowed about it. What more could a cat want?

Hank saw so many things in his years here at Twin Maples. He was so wise and full of love. He taught all of us house cats how to beg properly, when to be cute to get what we want, and which animals to stay away from when they come back to the treatment area. He taught us how to make the Twin Maples family feel better after a ruff day of work, and how to get on their nerves when they aren’t giving us enough attention. He helped us write our blogs when we were experiencing “writer’s block” and did some corrections on them to make them purrrfect.

We will never furrget Hank. No one at Twin Maples will. He is irreplaceable. He lived his best life here; as a matter of fact, we all are living our best lives here. We are so grateful furr everyone taking care of us, furr them giving us a home when maybe no one else would, and furr loving us regardless if we are being little turrds or not. We have very high expectations to live by, thanks to Hank. We will miss him furrever. We will never furrget him.

Finnick, Gus, and Thresh