Through the Nose of a Terrier: Sniffing Out Common Pet Toxins

March is Pet Poison Prevention Month, so we want to share a story about a young pup learning about common household toxins from his friend, to bring awareness to this important topic. Follow Colby’s nose as he sniffs out common toxins around his home, and learns from his older housemate, Jack. A toxic adventure Colby [...]

How to Brush Your Pet’s Teeth

Brushing your pet’s teeth is a habit that seems impossible but is actually achievable—dare we say enjoyable—with proper training. In honor of National Pet Dental Health Month, our Twin Maples Veterinary Hospital team provides you with seven steps to toothbrushing success.  #1: Know what proper toothbrushing looks like for pets Before teaching your pet a [...]

Fido, It’s Cold Outside: Cold Safety Tips for Pet Owners

Whether you delight in the cold weather months or prefer to escape to a tropical destination, if you stay in Ohio, you can’t avoid the cold winter weather. But, you can bundle up against the cold, or stay warm and cozy inside, whereas your pet needs you to keep them safe and warm, and to [...]

Why Adopt?

Are you planning on an addition to your furry family? Veterinarians are often asked for their opinions about breeds of dogs (and sometimes cats!), and which are the best ones to get. My answer is always the same: adopt a shelter pet! Based on the ASPCA’s (The American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to [...]

Do’s and Don’ts for Adding Years to Your Pet’s Life

There’s no denying that our pets’ lives are far too short, but while we can’t make them live forever, we can do the next best thing. By approaching our pet’s health and wellbeing proactively, we can extend the time we spend together and improve their overall quality of life. It’s never too late to take [...]

A Simple Equation For Thanksgiving Pet Safety

From guest lists and travel, to groceries and cooking, preparing for Thanksgiving can be complicated. Add your pet into the mix, and you may want to hide out until New Year’s. Our Twin Maples Veterinary Hospital wants to keep things simple, and we’re sharing some simple equations for a pet-safe Thanksgiving. Unattended food + hungry [...]

Assessing Your Senior Pet’s Quality of Life

As your pet reaches their senior years, you may wonder if they are showing signs of typical age-related changes, or whether they are experiencing pain or discomfort. Your pet’s quality of life (QOL) depends on their overall physical and mental wellbeing, and accurately assessing this factor is important to ensure they aren’t suffering needlessly. Our [...]

4 Tips You Need to Know About Pet Insurance

You want the best of everything for your pet—the best food, the best toys, the best grooming—and, of course, the best veterinary care. Ensure your pet gets the care they need in the event of an unexpected illness or injury with a pet insurance plan. Our team at Twin Maples Veterinary Hospital knows every pet [...]

Bang, Boom, Pow! July Fourth Pet Safety

July Fourth has an unmistakable soundtrack that includes booming fireworks, sizzling grills, and splashing water, each year making a year’s worth of summer memories. Unfortunately, these sounds—and their circumstances—can also underscore a potentially treacherous time for pets. Don’t wait until the symphony—or cacophony—starts to prepare your pet for the July Fourth celebrations. Protect their health [...]

Your Pet’s Anesthesia Experience

Veterinary medical professionals must administer anesthesia to provide your pet essential—at times, lifesaving—treatment in a pain- and fear-free environment. Although our Twin Maples Veterinary Hospital veterinary professionals often administer anesthesia, its use is never routine. Our conscientious anesthesia administration protocols reflect our patient safety and health commitment. Anesthesia for pets An anesthetized patient experiences complete sensation loss [...]

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