Puppy and Kitten Series Vaccines

Sometimes I think we do it on purpose. Really. Wait, I started in the middle of the discussion. Let’s try it again. We get questions a lot about vaccines. How necessary they are, how often they need to be given. There are some very vocal folks who are adamantly anti-vaccine. I’m not going to directly [...]

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Winter Weather Hazards

Winter has finally arrived in Ohio, and with it the freezing temperatures, snow, and slick ground. Do you know about the problems the extreme cold can cause for your pet? Frostbite Frostbite is the damage that is caused to the skin (and other tissues) in extremely cold temperatures. The body’s natural response to colder temperatures [...]

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Preparing For a New Pet

Thinking of adding a new pet to the household? Great! Or is it? Adding a new pet can be an experience- in every sense of the word. We might be falling for a little fuzzy face on the spur of the moment, but a little preparation can go a long way. There will be different [...]

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Preparedness Series: 4 of 4

Have you ever had a surgical procedure? The doctor sends a packet of information on how to prepare. Well, we do surgery every week day, and frankly, preparing your pet at home for the procedure is relatively simple. So, here are some thoughts on the process. The scheduling. At Twin Maples, we have scheduled surgery [...]

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Preparedness Series: 3 of 4

Preparing for a new baby. Adding a new addition to the family- a new, small person? These are exciting times, full of changes- and not just diapers! If you are having your first baby, the changes will impact your pets, as well. Your focus will change, you will likely be sleep deprived. There will be [...]

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The Importance of the First Puppy and Kitten Visit

Many of you have probably already been educated on why having your puppy or kitten finish its vaccination series is important. Preventing serious diseases such as parvo in dogs and panleukopenia in cats, and non-treatable diseases such as distemper and rabies, is the purpose of finishing those vaccines. However, there is much more important information [...]

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Pet Travel Safety Tips

With the holidays approaching, many people will be hitting the road to visit family. For some of those people, that will mean bringing their pets along for the ride. While not everyone takes their pets on road trips, many pet owners will take their pets (especially dogs!) in their car for errands, trips to nearby [...]

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