Twin Maples Veterinary Hospital was awarded the honor of becoming a CAT Friendly Practice (CFP) by the American Association of Feline Practitioners. Woo Hoo!! Big deal- RIGHT? Well, it really is a big deal for our feline friends and their owners and here is why.

Cats have now surpassed dogs as the most popular companion animal in the United States. One third of American households own at least one cat, and the average number of cats per household is 2.1. I’m one of them having two cats myself (I would have more if I could). But seriously- the number of feline veterinary visits declined by almost 15% despite an increase in the number of owned cats. It really does not make any sense in my mind but I love cats. After doing some digging as to why there is a decline I have come up with 3 main reasons why cats do not come to see us.

First- The belief that indoor cats are at NO risk of disease. This belief is not true but that is for another blog.

Second- Difficulty in getting the cat to the veterinary clinic. This reason is the most important reason why you want a CFP for your cat.

Third- Difficulty in recognizing subtle signs of illness in cats. Often it is too late and preventive care is key here.
As a Cat Friendly Practice, we’re taking extra steps to make sure both you and your cat feel comfortable before, during, and after an exam. It may look like we’re just petting your cat, but our team is actually examining your cat’s overall health and lifestyle (even if we have to sit on the floor to do it)! Our cat patients are special to us and they even have their own door to come into our practice!

That being said, as a Cat Friendly Practice, our goal is to provide our clients with an experience for their cats that will reduce stress, provide top of the line care, use the most advanced techniques and equipment, and do it with feline-friendly handling (i.e., extra TLC). Our hope is to start bringing our feline friends back to the veterinarian for preventive care which will prolong their health and well-being. We want them to live their best life (all nine of them).

We invite you to come see for yourself. We are holding an open house to celebrate our new found recognition as a Cat Friendly Practice. It will be November 2nd 4-6pm, so come with your party hat on. We will have food, entertainment, and lots of cat conversation.

-Dr. Sara Wells