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Pets in Trouble: Holiday Edition

Pets typically have a penchant for trouble, no matter the season or time of year. However, as holiday preparations ramp up, and your home becomes overloaded with glitzy decorations, exuberant loved ones, and delicious food, your furry pal has many more opportunities for getting into mischief that can earn them a trip to the emergency [...]

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6 Tips to Ensure Your Pet has a Spooktacular – Not Spooky – Halloween

You have purchased several bags of Halloween candy, the kids’ costumes are ready, a Jack-o-lantern is grinning on the porch, and your lawn has been transformed into a spooky graveyard. You may think you have checked everything off your Halloween to-do list, but did you remember to include your furry friends in the preparations? Halloween [...]

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Why is My Cat Doing That? Normal Feline Behaviors, Explained

Contrary to popular belief, cats are not small dogs—and their behaviors speak for themselves. While most of us come to appreciate our feline friends’ curious behaviors, we may not always understand why they occur. But, by recognizing the reason for your cat’s conduct, you can gain insight into your beloved pet’s inner workings, allowing you [...]

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5 Reasons Why Testing is Important for Pet Wellness

This scenario may sound familiar: You receive your pet’s reminder card, and see a slew of letters and numbers that don’t seem to form any legible words. You aren’t sure what your pet needs, but you figure it must be important, so you schedule an appointment. You arrive at Twin Maples Veterinary Hospital, check in, [...]

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Leptospirosis: Hiking with a Plan

Every weekend across this country, thousands of dogs are loaded into the family car to go hiking with their family. Have you ever sensed that your dog enjoys being at your side during these outings? They run, they smell, they greet passers-by, and best of all, they stop every once and a while and look [...]

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10 Ways for Pet Owners to Cope with the New Coronavirus (COVID-19) Pandemic

Threats of a pandemic are terrifying, especially when so much misinformation is swirling around. To help separate the fiction from the truth, and to better prepare you for caring for yourself and your pet during the COVID-19 threat, read the following tips.  #1: Focus on reputable sources for information While we enjoy a funny meme [...]

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