While Taylor was a little girl she always had dreamed she would be a professional dancer, and or a soccer player. That dreamed changed once her mother saw her help a helpless little robin that fell out of the nest. At that moment her mother told her “Tay honey, I bet you will be working with animals once you grow up” Now to present that is exactly what Taylor is doing. Taylor joined Twin Maples in January of 2018. She has loved the career she has made working as an Outpatient Assistant. She still wants to follow her dream and become a Veterinarian, and live in Sydney Australia. Taylor had went to ABC college in North Carolina while her husband was in the service, short after living in North Carolina she became pregnant with her now 2 year old little boy, Zeke. It was the best Christmas Present anyone could have wished for. Although Taylor is pushing her for dream career, she is doing that in baby steps. She is currently trying to go back to school for Veterinary Technology, at Sinclair. At home, Taylor has her husband, Clint of 3 years, her two year old little boy Zeke, also her two Siberian Huskies, Nala, and Loki. Taylor attempted to foster Loki for Robyn’s Nest but ended up Foster Failing once she fell in love with him. Her husband has his own dog named, Zeus who is a Pittbull. Outside of work Taylor loves spending time with her family, and her two fur babies. Taylor love’s to go over to her childhood home every weekend and visit her mother, and father and play dart’s in her dad’s bar! On Occasion Taylor will go out with friends when possible!