Robyn McGeorge is a Registered Veterinary Technician here at Twin Maples. She grew up in Kettering and moved to Gratis Township in 2006 in order to have her horse, Hershey’s Kiss, finally live with her on her property. All through high school, Robyn knew she wanted to work with animals and start her own animal rescue. She enrolled at Wright State University as a business student but after 4 quarters, she quickly realized that was not the path for her.

She took a quarter off and got a job as a Veterinary Assistant at the Dayton Emergency Veterinary Clinic (now Medvet). She instantly knew that she wanted to pursue a degree in veterinary technology. She decided to go to Raymond Walters College, University of Cincinnati to get her Associates of Applied Science degree. She then started working at Twin Maples immediately following graduation in June 1994.

At Twin Maples, as a technician, Robyn’s duties include drawing blood, running laboratory tests, placing intravenous catheters, prepping patients for surgery, monitoring patients during and after surgery, and caring for hospitalized patients. She also takes radiographs (her favorite part of the job) and is in charge of radiation safety in the hospital.

Outside of Twin Maples, Robyn leads a very busy life. She has been married to her husband, Chris, since 2004. They have 2 horses: a rescued Belgian cross named Chance, and Hershey, her Quarter Horse/Arabian that she’s had since high school. They also have a crazy cat named Batman, a chow/golden named Shiloh, and a sweet black and tan coonhound mix named Chase, both of which Chris adopted from shelters before the couple met. They adopted their latest dog, a black mouth cur named Sailor (aka Lady Licks a lot), in 2012.

Robyn loves being outside with her animals, hiking and horseback riding. She and Chris enjoy going on vacations to enjoy nature and they also love going to Disney World, the happiest place on Earth! Her passion lies with animal rescue, adoption, and education. She started Robyn’s Nest, a non-profit animal rescue, in 2005. It started out as a foster network, but in 2008 Robyn went part time at Twin Maples in order to open her first facility in Miamisburg. Running the non-profit takes a lot of her time, but she enjoys it very much and takes pride in the help they offer to animals and their people.