Olivia’s parents always knew she would end up in veterinary medicine. From the time she could walk, they watched her pick up any animal she could get her hands on. She was always finding baby birds in the yard or picking up snakes out of the garden. Unlike most in the field, Olivia never worked with animals growing up. She instead worked at a retail store from the time she was fifteen years old, and for a long time she considered staying in retail for her career. When it was time to go off to college; however, Olivia decided to go to school to be a veterinarian, and went to the University of Findlay for a year. Once in school, she decided that she was much more suited to be a veterinary nurse. She moved from her small farm town in northwestern Ohio down to Dayton to go to Miami-Jacobs Career College. At the end of her program, Olivia did her externship at Twin Maples, and immediately knew it was where she was meant to be. As soon as she graduated in 2016, she started at Twin Maples as a veterinary nurse.

Olivia’s favorite thing to do at work is anesthesia because she loves all of the math calculations. She also enjoys taking care of hospitalized patients and giving them special attention and care. Outside of work, Olivia is typically at the dog park or hiking with the love of her life: her little mutt, Shelley. In addition to her dog, she also has a hedgehog and two geckos, and when she’s not hanging out with all of her pets, you can find Olivia taking care of her shelves and shelves of plants.