I joined Twin Maples in May of 2018 as an associate veterinarian. I grew up north of Dayton, Ohio near a small town called Bradford. As a kid I was involved in 4-H and showed my shetland sheepdog named Elvis at the county fair. My family had a bloodhound rescue and always had several dogs at my home. From a young age I was always interested in science and later grew to be passionate about veterinary medicine. I remember going to a book sale at the library as a third grader with my dad and buying every medical book that I could find. Afterwards I had my mom make up pretend exams for me to test my new found knowledge. My passion for learning and animals followed me as I grew and attended The Ohio State University to receive my bachelors in Animal Sciences and veterinary medical degree. It was on the first day of undergraduate classes at Ohio State that I met my husband Drew who also attended veterinary school with me. After graduating Ohio State Veterinary School in 2017 my husband and I practiced for a year in West Virginia. It was our desire to be closer to family that drove us to find jobs in Ohio and ultimately what led me to Twin Maples Veterinary Hospital.

As a veterinarian my biggest interests are in surgery, dentistry and preventive care. My goal is to not just cure diseases but to catch them early or even better yet prevent them all together. I am passionate about bringing excellent service to clients and their pets.

At home I have two pets; Luna, a miniature poodle who is my shadow and loves to nap, take hikes and be anywhere that I am, and Hermione, a cat who enjoys cat naps and the occasional burst of energy to play tricks on the dog.

On my days off my husband and I enjoy drinking coffee, cooking and baking. When weather permits we enjoy outdoor activities especially hiking and camping. I also enjoy painting, drawing and reading.