My name is Gus (Gus Douglas Miles Maples, if you were wondering), and I lived at Twin Maples for 14 years! I used to donate blood to patients who needed it and I got to save a lot of lives doing it. I was a little shy, so I typically hung out downstairs on my favorite chair or in the stairwell on my bed taking naps. In my younger days, I was banned from hanging out in the doctor’s office because I loved to chew on the wires. In my spare time, I loved to beg for food from staff when they ate their lunch downstairs with me. I loved to get attention, but only on my terms. If I didn’t want pets I would simply yell at them until they stopped, it worked like a charm (I was a little spicy every now and then)! I was very loved by the entire staff at Twin Maples, but sadly I have crossed the rainbow bridge and I am now with my brother Hank.