5 Common Myths About Heartworm Disease in Pets

Pet owners may be confused about heartworm disease, and they need to understand this disease’s transmission, signs, treatment, and prevention. Many myths abound about heartworm disease, making the subject more confusing, but our Twin Maples Veterinary Hospital team is here to set the story straight. Myth #1: Only dogs can get heartworm disease Truth: While [...]

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Your Pet’s Anesthesia Experience

Veterinary medical professionals must administer anesthesia to provide your pet essential—at times, lifesaving—treatment in a pain- and fear-free environment. Although our Twin Maples Veterinary Hospital veterinary professionals often administer anesthesia, its use is never routine. Our conscientious anesthesia administration protocols reflect our patient safety and health commitment. Anesthesia for pets An anesthetized patient experiences complete [...]

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