The caring, compassionate staff at Twin Maples understands that having a pet go through surgery, whether routine, complex, or an emergency, can be very stressful.  Rest assured that our veterinarians and staff are highly trained and skilled, and are available for simple procedures such as a spay, neuter, or mass removal, as well as more advanced procedures, including exploratory surgeries, fracture repairs, and other advanced orthopedic procedures such as tibial plateau leveling osteotomy (TPLO) to repair torn ACLs.

Our surgical procedures are performed sterilely in our surgery suite, where your pet’s heart rate and rhythm, respirations, temperature, and blood pressure are constantly monitored, electronically and by our technicians. IV fluids and pain medications are given to all surgical patients, as are antibiotics if indicated.  Additionally, we offer pre-anesthetic bloodwork for all procedures to ensure the liver and kidneys are functioning appropriately for the anesthesia.  We take steps to ensure our patients are able to go under anesthesia safely for each procedure.

Laser Surgery

Twin Maples Veterinary Hospital is happy to be able to offer our clients the many benefits of the Accuvet Carbon Dioxide Laser. We know that our clients are concerned about their pets’ comfort, especially when surgery is needed. The doctors and staff have always been very attentive to pain management for our patients. With the addition of the laser to our surgical suite, we now have an instrument which reduces our patients’ discomfort even more.

Listed below are some of the many reasons we recommend laser surgery for our patients:

  • Less Pain – The laser seals nerve endings as it “cuts.” As a result, your pet will experience less pain and be more comfortable postoperatively.
  • Less Bleeding – The Laser seals small blood vessels during surgery. This speeds many procedures, reducing the time your pet needs to be under anesthesia, which further reduces possible complications.
  • Less Swelling – Laser energy does not crush, tear or bruise tissue because the only thing that touches your pet is an invisible beam of light.
What does this mean for my pet?
  • Reduced Risk of Infection – As the laser removes diseased tissue, it seals the skin and reduces the amount of bacteria present.
  • Precision – The laser can remove unhealthy tissue while minimizing adverse effects to healthy surrounding tissue.
  • Faster Recovery – Healing is rapid and there is less postoperative discomfort and a better course of healing.

TPLO Knee Surgery

Rupture of the anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) is the most commonly seen orthopedic injury in dogs. This injury is very similar to the knee injury often seen in football players. The injury destabilizes the knee, allowing damage to the cartilage of the joint and serious lameness. It can occur in any breed of dog, and without repair will nearly always cause significant loss of function and severe degenerative changes in the knee joint with time.

The Tibial Plateau Leveling Osteotomy procedure, or TPLO, was developed by Barclay Slocum, DVM. The procedure was a major departure from previous surgical techniques for the injury. Rather than attempting to replace the damaged ligament with grafts or artificial materials, TPLO alters the physical forces in the knee joint by “leveling” the top of the tibia to eliminate the need for the anterior cruciate ligament. TPLO eliminates the active forces that rupture the ACL known as cranial tibial thrust.

Twin Maples is pleased to be the first practice to offer the procedure in the Dayton, Ohio area.