At Twin Maples Veterinary Hospital, we understand that having on-site diagnostics is important to pet owners for fast answers when their pets are not feeling well. These diagnostic tests help us diagnose problems quickly, and therefore be able to institute treatments quickly as well. At Twin Maples, we offer a wide variety of diagnostics, including in-house blood chemistries and complete blood counts, common viral testing (such as feline leukemia virus and feline immunodeficiency virus in cats, as well as parvovirus in dogs), in-house cytology for ears, skin, and masses, digital radiography (x-rays), ultrasonography, and endoscopy.

We also offer diagnostics through an off-site laboratory for more advanced tests, with most results available within 24 hours. Our veterinarians contact pet owners as soon as the test results become available to discuss the results and develop the appropriate course of action. The goal is to get your pet back on his or her feet and feeling well again as soon as possible.