The veterinarians and staff at Twin Maples will help you keep track of your pet’s dental health as a part or his or her regular yearly physical examination. You can help by bringing your pet in for an exam if you notice bad breath, painful or reduced chewing, deposits on your pet’s teeth, or red and swollen gums.

We at Twin Maples can safely provide the professional dental care your pet may require, from routine cleaning and polishing, to more involved procedures such as extractions. Additionally, our digital dental radiography (x-ray) unit helps us identify any problems with your pet’s teeth.

You should also be aware that sedation and anesthesia has become much safer for our animal friends in the last few years. With the introduction of human quality anesthetic gasses and injectables, there are very few pets that cannot be safely sedated for dental care. After your pet has had a dental cleaning, your veterinarian will discuss with you at-home care to help prevent further accumulation of plaque.